Air temperature high humidity asks everybody to notice sunstroke prevention drops in temperature greatly

Report from our correspondent (Zhang Lixia of reporter of reporter Cui rainbow) came, it came really. Yesterday, the reporter learns from city observatory, although can shade wet appears recently, but, air temperature is in however 30 ℃ above, air relative humidity is in basically 50% above, the evaporate sense that boil will be more clear. To this, the expert warns a citizen, when going out, should notice sunstroke prevention drops in temperature.

Yesterday, although the sun is not so sinister, but the departure as rainwater, burning hot begin regression, highest air temperature arrived 31.8 ℃ , plus the relative humidity of 60% above, people a little easily with respect to a suit sweat, and sticky sticky, that feels really acerbity bright. Actually, this ability is the condition with due hot summer days.

It is the grand opera of dog days sultrily, nowadays, this play has opened gong, high temperature, tall wet two big leading role come on stage jointly, let people ” cheesed unceasingly ” . Nevertheless, the ruler of heaven just won’t take care of everybody’s mood, its meeting both hands is acted according to on sauna day. Monitor according to city observatory, today by day, the cloudiness in provincial capital sky still not much, arrived towards evening, northwest ministry is a mountainous area may greet showery or thundershower, highest air temperature predicts to be able to arrive 34 ℃ . Tomorrow, weather turns shade, showery or thundershower hopeful is driven, air temperature falls slightly, but once cool already became extravagant hopes, predict highest that day air temperature 32 ℃ .

Although did not reach high temperature level, but because empty gas phase is right humidity is big, fuggy move is sharp, so, when everybody goes out, still should notice sunstroke prevention drops in temperature, seasonable compensatory moisture.

Rainstorm frequency appears and disappear to was not saved completely rainy

Report from our correspondent (reporter Ma Dongsheng) on July 29, save observatory according to Heibei newest rainfall statistic: On July 28 8 when to 29 days 8 when, zhang Jia mouth, bear island of emperor of heart, the Qin Dynasty, Tang Shan, Baoding, hero installs north of city of the north in new developed area, Langfang, dark blue, Shijiazhuang, Heng Shuixi Dan of ministry, Xing Tai, Han western occurrence rainfall of and other places, average rainfall is rainfall area 9.9 millimeter, island of emperor of Tang Shan, the Qin Dynasty shares 90 sites rainfall to be in 50 millimeter above (rainstorm) , among them Tang Shan north and island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty western 9 sites exceed 100 millimeter (big rainstorm) , the Hong Jiatun that Tang Shan abide by changes most greatly 110.2 millimeter (big rainstorm) . Occurrence hail of the Shangyi of Zhang Jia mouth and buy source, shang Yi measures station hail the biggest diameter is 0.6 centimeters, in addition Shangyi and Tang Shan urban district appear the gale when 7 class above is short.

At present my province is in ” 7 8 on ” (the last ten-day of a month came in July in August the first ten days of a month) advocate flood season. According to saving observatory forecast, did not come 10 days, I save much thundershower or showery weather, precipitation distributings not all, bureau ground has heavy rain or torrential rain, accompany have short when the strong convection weather such as gale of strong precipitation, thunderstorm, specific place has hail. After August 3, rainfall may have reinforce a trend. Today by day, zhang Jia mouth, Cheng Dexi ministry, Baoding western, Shijiazhuang western cloudy turn showery or Yin Youlei is showery, among them ground of bureau of Zhang Jia mouth has moderate rain, other area is cloudy a fine. Nightly today arrive 31 days, zhang Jia mouth, bear heart, Baoding western, Shijiazhuang western showery or Yin Youlei is showery, dark blue city, judge Dan of water, Xing Tai, Han is cloudy turn Yin Youlei

Showery or showery, bureau ground has moderate rain, companion of ground of thunderstorm the current political situation has short when strong precipitation, short when the strong convection weather such as fresh gale, other area is cloudy a shade.

31 days nightly to August 1, showery or Yin Youlei of city of island of emperor of Tang Shan, the Qin Dynasty, dark blue is showery turn cloudy, zhang Jia mouth, Baoding western cloudy turn showery or Yin Youlei is showery, other area is cloudy. On August 3, area of the eastpart part has thunder shower, bureau ground has moderate rain; In August 5-6 day, save major area to have thunder shower completely, among them mid heavy rain arrives in having with the parcel area of the eastpart part.