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Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Jingwen) ” thanksed to your help, not only approved commonweal station to my spy, still delivered deliverance gold, I what let sicken overshot difficulty. ” Zhang Baojie is Shijiazhuang city a of community of Ma Er of gold of abundant China area common retire soldier, he had heart stem unfortunately this year, let this not bounteous domestic economy one disaster after another. Abundant China area ” warm a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers of Bao Lianwen kissing affection ” after the activity is begun, abundant east in the home that this world of Guo of the street cadre that wrap couplet comes to to him ” a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers ” , know his place in detail, report district government the following day, started deliverance program. Good-bye Guo is in relief, zhang Baojie is pulling his hand to thank excitedly again and again.

Military soldier’s dependents, retire military place thinks, of need, want to do attentively namely. Since this year, abundant China area holds to politics to stand from beginning to end, with ” double ask plan ” drive for grasper ” 3 achieve 4 build ” , retire military job is placed in prominent place, study applies new era ” maple bridge experience ” , change receive visit visit about wrap couplet, warm a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers to kiss affection. Area appoint couplet of bag of head of strip of secretary, area retires 10 times soldier, cadre of more than 3400 Party member and volunteer include entire division couplet retires more than times 20 thousand soldier, form working group, insist to visit enclothe completely, key care poverty, disable, obtain employment difficulty retire soldier, normalization is begun ” warm a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers of Bao Lianwen kissing affection ” activity, let retire the soldier is experienced ” ” warm.

For better retire military volunteer organization rises, abundant China area returns innovation sex exploration to establish have bright retire the organizational system of military characteristic is changed retire the soldier is volunteer service team. Consult characteristic of unit organizational system, area grade level holds water retire volunteer service joins the soldier, street (town) hold water retire volunteer service discharges the soldier, community (village) hold water retire the soldier is volunteer service class, company commander, platoon leader, monitor waits for standard of commando of core backbone reference, by outstanding and young retire military Party member is held the position of, every class establishs team or class, fixed hold a conference or consultation develops an activity.

After Zhang Baojie disease is good, find community of area under administration actively to apply for to join ” retire the soldier is volunteer service class ” , he has been the backbone of volunteer service class now. Community still held water ” veteran contingent providing disaster relief ” , build had station of community miniature fire control.

During epidemic situation, abundant is strong street retire the soldier is volunteer service platoon retires military Zhou Haitao buys disappear to reduce facility oneself, the organization retires 7 times military backbone is built ” epidemic prevention disappear reduces a line ” . Every team member is daily and average load more than jins 40, it is more than 50 school of middle and primary school, nursery school inside area under administration early or late, more than 20 enterprise undertake disappear reduces poisonous service washing, gross area exceeds 600 thousand square metre, got the wide recognition of masses.

Make rich China area arouses all circles of society of area under administration ceaselessly have glow of military uniform Wu, organize formal diversity, normalization embrace army volunteer service activity.

Walk into Heibei to balance check-up center, marked position can see ” balance check-up embraces army actor to take commitment ” with of all kinds privilege exclusive formula project. This year July, balance check-up began support the army and give preferential treatment to families of armymen and martyrs to serve lunar activity, in ” 81 ” found an army before the section, it is those who hold card freely army members of a revolutionary martyr’s family undertakes check-up. In April 2019 portion, balanced healthy check-up to roll out a soldier soldier’s dependents and retire military check-up privilege is exclusive formula. Abundant China area has boy or girl friend of more than 700 give special care to disabled servicemen and to family members of martyrs and servicemen early or late, retire the soldier adopts balance health system

Check ” exclusive formula ” undertook check-up.

In March 2020, quick hotel joined bank of the East China Sea of abundant China area ” abundant China area is embraced army volunteer service is allied ” , transform the hotel for a short while for ” embrace army guesthouse ” , established have army building, decorated those who be full of barback breath is exclusive room, ceng Rongli is second-class result above soldier, retire the soldier can be entered freely every months, roll out service of formula of of all kinds discount in the light of different group, collection of first move retires soldier, provide working station.

“Next, we will be relied on ‘ warm a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers of Bao Lianwen kissing affection ‘ activity and organizational system are changed retire the soldier is volunteer service team, play is good ‘ abundant China area is embraced army volunteer service is allied ‘ with intention of company of area under administration, for military soldier’s dependents, retire the soldier provides more normative, efficient service, let them be experienced ‘ ‘ warm, the socialization that allows abundant China division is embraced army the route goes wider more. ” abundant China area retires Liu Yongwei of deputy director general of bureau of military general affairs says.