Certificate of innovation of provincial science and technology begins explain get

The company is annual and top can obtain 150 thousand yuan

Report from our correspondent (Chen Kun of reporter Liu Jiaxin’s trainee) certificate of innovation of provincial a few days ago science and technology begins explain get. Science and technology medium and small businesses

Annual innovation certificate accumulative total explain get the forehead to spend upper limit to be 100 thousand yuan,

Object of innovation certificate support is maintained to save science and technology medium and small businesses through Heibei and inside period of efficacy, management is normative, sincere letter records fine of all without exception, with cooperative innovation the service offers an orgnaization to be belonged to without any be subordinate to, build in all, the interest correlation such as property right ligament concerns. The seat of innovation person of outstanding ability that hall of science and technology of the other science and technology that supports hall of company of new and high technology, province science and technology to decide mainly medium and small businesses, province holds is enterprise, provincial reach above to innovate enterprise of poineering contest bear the palm, provincial reach above international science and technology cooperative base is relied on enterprise, provincial reach above model worker and craftsman.

The science and technology that the research development that supportive limits is new technology, new product, new technology, new material, new breed and its system offers serves, include to entrust development, joint development; Patent is made over, patent application authority is made over, secret of patent executive license, technology makes over service of offerred science and technology; The experiment checks (according to legal laws and regulations or mandatory standard asks that he must be begun detect and legal detect mobile except) ; The innovation method that the enterprise organizes grooms activity.

Innovation certificate is accepted all the year round, the enterprise can be in according to need information platform for many times explain get, be restricted to press service contract total amount every time 50% explain get.