Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Chong) municipal net of old old canal is transformed, sewage treatment plant carries mark to transform, promotion water supply serves… since this year, finite liability company makes clear group of Shijiazhuang water Wu multinomial job key, serve as its ” 3 achieve 4 build ” the strong grasper that the activity begins, continuously, advance whole town water supply to serve promotion deep, guardianship city water supply ” lifeblood ” .

On July 25, the reporter is in triumphal ave (Gu Chengdong road reachs one water works) net of old old canal transforms project spot to see, construction personnel is in tight construction. Introduce according to project controller Zhang Hui, the tubal net that transforming rises overall length of one water works from Gu Chengdong road 4.3 kilometers, already ” the job ” 20 old. Increase increasingly as water consumption, this canal net is in excess load to run state, the wall of conduit already ageing, put in safe hidden trouble.

“The conduit of new laid used the new technology that approachs U valve, resemble doing inside conduit inside bravery, prevent to rust, also won’t cause pollution to water quality. ” Zhang Hui says. This project predicts the copy is complete in September, all fronts connects water.

“We plan pair of north the feed pipe net of nearly 10 kilometers has the way such as street of way of 2 annulus, peace, Hua Qing transform. ” Yang Gong of general manager of company of water supply of group of Shijiazhuang water Wu is alled over tell a reporter, on the base that in old old canal the net transforms, they also increased the construction strength that builds feed pipe network, to Shi Huona many road such as street of road, Gu Chengdong road, red star begins new feed pipe network to build, well of circumjacent provide for oneself also will close further stop, allow high grade communal water supply at an early date benefit and innumberable families.

Be ensured to promote a city water supply and safe level, water Wu group is advancing an our city actively to the net transforms old old feed pipe and build the base that the major project project such as feed pipe net builds to go up, belong to the bridge to place east, the bridge is mixed on the west 3 sewage treatment plant such as northwest undertake mark is transformed carrying, satisfy requirement of urban sewage disposal.

“Original to sewage treatment plant biology pool undertakes craft is transformed, undertake consolidate to original 2 deep pools, sedimentation basin, build new-style filter to undertake deepness is handled, carry mark to transform in the round. ” Yang Yufeng of general manager of company of sewage of group of Shijiazhuang water Wu says, current, 3 sewage treatment plant carry mark to transform a project to already finished cost of approve project approving, whole process to seek advice wait for the job, construction project is having thrust to enter, predict the end of the year is transformed this year finish. At the appointed time, level of whole town organisms’ habits raises further improvement.

Water Wu group is right still this year advocate 3 business halls had the city zone integrated, through optimizing functional distribution, refine window setting, brief chemical industry to make circuit, promote the hall integrated business function, implementation conducts ford business with the city. In the meantime, simplify application receives water data, the business on enlightened net applies for and make an appointment service function, hot line of water supply service is round-the-clock 24 hours do business, solve the of all kinds problem that use water in time.

Zhou Jun of minister of ministry of Wu of this collect regimental expresses, next, will accelerate ceaselessly advance construction of wisdom water Wu, continue to deepen standardization construction and informatization construction

, the square field surface that blends in the IT such as big data, Internet water Wu construction, management, operation, exert oneself optimizes battalion business environment, promotion the people’s livelihood serves a level.