Report from our correspondent (Nie Cong of reporter Liu Lifang’s reporter exceeds) ” pome quality is good, price nature is tall, we sold one part the product through medium of communication of line electrify business last year, the high-quality goods pome of 5 jins of norms can sell 40 yuan of above, client opinion is good, very get market reception. ” close

Day, village of village countryside country estate withers in Zhao county, de Kangli cultivates confidence of cooperation controller Zhang Huiling to say dye-in-the-woodly to the reporter if really.

Gross area of Zhao county pome 250 thousand mus, it is the countryside of the Chinese snowflake pear that national forestry and prairie bureau name, produce per year pome 600 million kilograms, snowflake pear area 137 thousand mus, area of a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province 53 thousand mus, in order to fizzle out coronal, red sweet the area of pome new breed that crisp, Qiu Yue gives priority to 60 thousand mus. In recent years, this county popularizes pome actively to manufacture standardization technology, carried out recipe fertilization, scientific clip, artificial pollination, flower thinning fruit thinning, pome covers active of bag, biology fat employ and prevent and cure integratedly without plant diseases and insect pests of social effects of pollution wait for technical measure.

Inside the orchard that installs pome of garden of essence of life to cultivate professional cooperation greatly in Zhao county, a powerful of form of tree of hundred years old pear tree, pome the way corp is growing is good. “Tree body is ventilated and pervious to light good, save labour, save labour not only, can promote snowflake pear quality substantially more. ” cooperation controller drill rod Ying Jun says, this year spring, cooperation according to ” tree it is fully even up of happy, branch, good to connect ” wait for standardization to ask executive management helps advance somebody’s career technology, the basis is cultivated age have crop with tree situation, popularize natural and happy look, promote pome quality.

“Snowflake pear standardization helps advance somebody’s career management, can make pome contains sugar volume to rise 1 to 2 percent, contain sugar volume on average to amount to 14% above, rate of high grade fruit amounts to commodity 90% above. ” staff member of service center of technology of Lin Guo of bureau of animal husbandry of Zhao county aricultural says, this county is deciding highway of the Kingdom of Wei this year two side, new south road two side, xie Zhuang, big install 3 core area to establish demonstrative base of pear of snowflake of 30 thousand mus of standardization, cover bag of management, plant diseases and insect pests from fruit thinning of plastic clip, flower thinning prevention and cure, cultivate 7 respects such as green manure, to snowflake pear standardization helps advance somebody’s career management made detailed demand.

In Zhang Huiling’s the operatic circle, each is golden the Huang Guanli that is about to drip hangs full branch, pear is sweet tangy, especially inviting. “Engraft of this one pear tree Huang Guanli this new breed, passed a few days to be able to pluck, as it happens can be sold with snowflake pear bad season. The standard of living of people rose now, like green product, on the foundation that our cooperation cultivates in green, fumble gradually again give those who suit oneself to grow a technology, pome quality is good, natural income is higher and higher also. Natural income is higher and higher also..