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river does bank two sides, the scenery is delightful, greenery is shady; In nearby farm, climb on the frame that discharge a platoon full emerald green fabaceous horn cane, the fabaceous horn of full verdure is hanged between leaf, send vibrant picture.

“Pass repair, this farm already reassign farmer cultivates. ” the Hu Jianliang of substation of the city zone of goldenrain tree of bureau of environment of town organisms’ habits says.

Soil contamination is invisible, feel do not wear, processing difficulty is great. To improve edaphic quality, goldenrain tree the city zone begins soil contamination actively to prevent and cure each job, fulfil safety strictly to use zephyr danger canal to accuse measure, strengthen pollution of industry of experience heavy metal to prevent accuse, advance soil contamination processing and rehabilitate with all one’s strength, ensure edaphic modes of life and relation to their environment is safe, let common people eat so that be at ease, live so that set one’s mind at.

This kind ” peculiar ” the plant has big energy

On August 4, in goldenrain tree the city zone on the west in the big canopy south village of door of battalion countryside dragon, becoming what plant on the cropland of ridge in a field is not crop, however the peculiar meat qualitative plant that one plant individual plant makes an appointment with 70 centimeters high,

“This is eight treasures red-spotted stonecrop, it has stronger adsorptive capacity to cadmium, it is plant of a kind of new-style cadmium pollution rehabilitate, after the grow seedlings in big canopy transplant arrives in farm, can reduce soil every year 15% , the cadmium content of 20% . ” Hu Jianliang answers for the reporter doubt dispels doubts.

Begin from 2017, goldenrain tree the city zone is begun ” agricultural the ground soil contamination processing and rehabilitate ” project, suffer contaminative soil to have repair to periphery of dragon door village, cultivating eight treasures red-spotted stonecrop is the important means that plant rehabilitate technology uses in this project, through eight treasures the heavy metal in soil of red-spotted stonecrop general ” suck ” come out.

According to introducing, after the heavy metal such as the cadmium in soil is absorbed by root system of eight treasures red-spotted stonecrop, can change the position such as the bine to the ground, leaf again. Eight treasures red-spotted stonecrop belongs to perennial root plant, plant underground part can lodge for the night the live through the winter in be being put at soil, ground upside divided spring second year Ke Meng is sent. The eight treasures red-spotted stonecrop after reaping is sent special build burn the workshop undertakes smashing, build the safety such as bead to deal with, amount to mark finally to discharge.

At present this project finishs the farm area of edaphic rehabilitate to have 100 mus, in all seedling of species of plant of transplant rich collect two million nine hundred and sixty-four thousand four hundred individual plant. Detect show, at present content of this farm cadmium not only achieve entirely ” standard of edaphic environment quality ” secondary standard, and choose a value under the risk of cadmium, achieve edaphic safety utilization rate, farmer of new already reassign cultivates.

400 mus of land restore vitality

“The ground is our one’s very life, we all looks so that see the change of home town. ” a farmer of local tells a reporter. A few years ago, the farm of this farmer is chosen to be agricultural soil contamination processing and repair project choose the ground, since processing, he feels land becomes loose apparently, crop crop also rose.

2015, prophylaxis and treatment of pollution of heavy metal of central finance make known to lower levels is special capital 16 million yuan, use at supporting goldenrain tree the city zone agricultural the ground soil contamination processing and repair project, this is the whole nation first also be Heibei saves processing of soil contamination of the first farm and repair project.

The project administers repair to pollute farmland face to accumulate 400 mus. After the project is begun, river of of staff member edge two side census, make choice of exceeds punctuation, decide repair area limits and way. Among them, 300 mus of farm use passivation rehabilitate technology.

“Passivation rehabilitate is apply all sorts of passivator to the middle of contaminating soil, use adsorptive, precipitation, oxidation reductive wait for a mechanism, it is difficult to make its are changed into blame active, plant absorption substance, realize repair to use thereby. ” the staff member expresses, passivation rehabilitate does not affect a farmer cultivate a habit, achieve crop security at the same time. After applying passivator, the effective content of the cadmium in soil drops significantly, the cadmium content of wheat and corn amounts to mark entirely.

This project last year the end of the year finishs overall produce the expected result to close. Nowadays, through 2 years much soil contamination is administered, the land that has been polluted by sewage in former days is being weighed shine opportunity of survival.

Solid advance soil contamination prevention and cure

Goldenrain tree the city zone is agricultural the ground soil contamination processing and repair project, it is a reduction that the our city pushs soil contamination to prevent and cure integratedly energetically.

On August 31, 2018, the 5th times conference full passed standing committee of National People’s Congress of 13 whole nations ” law of soil contamination prevention and cure ” , apply at rising on January 1, 2019. To fulfil legal responsibility stoutly, the our city holds water ” job of Shijiazhuang city soil contamination prevention and cure heads a group ” , and print and distribute ” Shijiazhuang city Sukhavati guards battle to implement plan (2019-2020 year) ” reach document of each year form a complete set, strengthen in the round right ” law of soil contamination prevention and cure ” carry out executive constituent leader.

In recent years, whole town did a large number of works in respect of soil contamination prevention and cure, obtained positive result, rehabilitate of soil contamination processing of county of goldenrain tree city, Zhao is pilot the project is solid advance, agricultural sift of ground pollution state and classified management, construction uses source of face of ground admittance management, agriculture to pollute punish

, the key job such as management of trash of punish of pollution of experience heavy metal, solid is begun in order, hit good Sukhavati to guarded battle to lay solid foundation for the our city.