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Leisurely all things, the people’s livelihood is attached most importance to.

Since this year, municipal Party committee, municipal government works the people’s livelihood the place with more prominent park, perch is driven, careful deploy, protect the people’s livelihood, benefit the people’s livelihood, do real thing of good the people’s livelihood. Advance medical establishment modernization with all-time strength; Exert oneself implements project of expansion of natural resources of urban and rural and high grade education; Push obtain employment poineering work with all one’s strength; Urban and rural low protect a standard to rise considerably again; Another batch of families deserve to rent safeguard house, more citizen came true ” An Jumeng ” . Ill somewhat cure, learn to teach somewhat, live to be resided somewhat… a project of the people’s livelihood is solid advance, it is better that the life of thousand citizen is crossed.

Modern hospital promotes healthy safeguard the standard

“Technology good, establishment the service is good, better! Had so good children hospital, the child sees a doctor much more convenient! ” on July 27, establishment of each diagnosis and treatment throws the city children hospital that the our city builds in the round use. Look after children the introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady of provincial capital dweller that comes here to see a doctor is right environment of modern diagnosis and treatment praises repeatedly.

The our city has woman children 700 much people, 64% what occupy whole town total population, job of job of health of woman children medical treatment is arduous and onerous. In recent years, as ” comprehensive 2 child ” of policy carry out, each are big obstetric, paediatrics person is the hospital completely suffer from, broad citizen especially demand of children go to a doctor is very pressing. Municipal Party committee, municipal government pays close attention to the people’s livelihood, decision investment builds a brand-new city class children hospital. Leader perch is driven, various and close cooperation, use only short between 305 climate, invest 1.08 billion yuan, 1000 pieces city children hospital protects design bed to protect quantity construction to finish character.

Almost with city children hospital at the same time, be located in the division of new courtyard of city people hospital that builds Hua Na main street to also build cast with, the demand of go to a doctor of tens of 10 thousand dwellers got area of southeast of provincial capital urban district alleviate effectively. New courtyard area designs bed more than pieces 1600, establishment of condition of dimensional environment, traffic, hardware had qualitative flight so relatively, for the hospital development and technical service promotion provided vast space. Area of new on June 26 courtyard opens examine the 1st day, quantity of hospital outpatient service breaks through 1000 person-time namely; Open examine the 10th day, number of courtyard of quantity of door emergency call, income, in courtyard number and economic income already with on year the corresponding period keeps balance.


Door low income family became round ” An Jumeng “

How to occupy ability happy industry. Come true to let family of more low income ” An Jumeng ” , the our city continues to drive housing to guarantee the job energetically this year. On June 18, room of the first batch of communal safeguard made public the urban district 2020 shake date allocates hall of people is in city to hold. The course shakes date allocates, final 2569 families deserve to hire a success.

“This second allocate room source to distributing at 26 villages, in all 2569, match 8 newly to build a village among them in all 1039, the source of empty buy room that Qing Dynasty of rise high into the air removes 18 villages 1530. The town low income that assigns an object to enjoying the subsidy that rent for the 4 areas inside city (contain low protect) the town that already gained housing safeguard competence is family, medium slant staff of worker of next income families, new obtain employment and work of ab extra Wu. ” city lives establish bureau safeguard responsible comrade introduces related sexual housing management center.

Since this year, our city much act increases Qing Dynasty of safeguard room village to retreat strength, make ensure room natural resources to get making full use of. In the meantime, ensure room natural resources to optimize reasonable configuration, implementation bedding face accumulates the end that guarantees much population, safeguard room most large family design is above of 80 square metre, can satisfy living requirement of family of 4 people above.

The reporter lives from city establish bureau understanding to, up to now, the urban district already allocated safeguard room to involve 72 villages, in all 51922, about 2.8 million square metre, accumulative total has the housing condition of 170 thousand more than person to get clear improvement.


Fact of population of 10 thousand town increases obtain employment newly now

Obtain employment is the people’s livelihood this. Epidemic situation will raid, each industry is differred the influence of degree, the our city acts quickly, aggrandizement policy supports, widen obtain employment channel, ensure obtain employment condition is overall and stable.

Up to by June, whole town town is added newly

Course of study sixty-six thousand two hundred person, of task of the annual that finish 55% , rank complete province the first. Whole town town registers unemployment rate 3.3% , under the control target of 4.5% . Rural labor changes obtain employment thirty-three thousand nine hundred person, of assignment of goal of the annual that finish 65.99% .

Stabilize obtain employment, policy go ahead of the rest. The our city is made early or late sent ” the executive opinion that works about doing very steady obtain employment further ” wait for 17 files, from keep go back to work, fall the link proceed with such as the people’s livelihood of development of cost, hurried, benefit, make policy of steady obtain employment ” assorted fist ” . In understand the demand that use worker worker and able-bodied person ” two detailed list ” on the foundation, hold early or late ” 3 networks are synchronous ” meeting, medium and small businesses uses the invite applications for a job on the line special invite applications for a job is met on labour safeguard line and city county ” the spring breeze on the line acts ” , offer post sixty-two thousand five hundred, obtain employment of butt joint success, implementation fifty-eight thousand five hundred person.

Be aimed at the concussion that epidemic situation brings to the enterprise, person company department holds to ” early start work, fast be born ” , produce effect of firm hillock of look forward to of unemployed insurance aid adequately, extend for 7538 enterprises firm hillock allowance 209 million yuan, stable post 516 thousand. Our city of opinion of department of national person company ran in the whole nation ” Shijiazhuang speed ” . Person company department still carries out professional skill to promote the action energetically, already finished 43 thousand person-time at present, of target of task of the annual that finish 64.8% , gross is saved completely the first. Support does poineering work drive obtain employment, before 60 do poineering work on hatch base foundation, optimize upgrade base of 20 poineering hatch, enter in all now be stationed in poineering substance 4469, accumulative total drives obtain employment twenty-eight thousand five hundred person.

Natural resources of urban and rural and high grade education steadily augment

Up to by June, advocate the city zone is new, change (enlarge) build nursery school of middle and primary school comprehensive already go back to work builds 22 projects, a project already finished early days to build formalities to deal with, predict 17 thousand to be able to increase degree. The reporter teachs bureau know from city, augment of our city exert oneself teachs resource this year, let more children can nearby goes to school, accept good education.

Executive town obligation teachs school enlarge look to add a project, year end is change newly, area of extend school building 52 thousand square metre, involve 3 counties (city, area) , 4 schools project, always invest one hundred and fifty-five million one hundred and forty thousand yuan, predict 6360 to add degree newly, current and all project already main body is finishing. Carry out ” two kinds of schools ” standardization builds a project: Implement 19 construction project in all, involve 11 counties in all (city, area) , year always builds an area 56 thousand square metre, always invest one hundred and eight million nine hundred and forty thousand yuan. Current, 8 counties (city, area) 15 construction project already start working, start working area 34339 square metre. Executive country nursery school builds a project, annual plans to change 25 extend country nursery school newly, involve 13 counties (city, area) . Up to by June, 8 projects already finished year to build the task (among them 4 finishing cast with) , 8 projects are in construction, the others project is running do procedure. Establish nursery school of sex of benefit of general of 30 city class, already achieved capital budget at present arrangement, be declared beforehand and city class smokes evaluate work to make.

Since 2020, work of each our city the people’s livelihood is steady advance.

— urban and rural low protect a standard to rise again: City by everybody every months 671 yuan (8052 yuan / year) raise 766 yuan (9192 yuan / year) , the country increases 5760 yuan 4842 yuan every year by everybody. Since this year, accumulative total hair is lowered keep gold 300 million yuan, extend to make offerings to especially tiredly capital eighty-two million five hundred and twenty-nine thousand yuan.

— system of service of provide for the aged is ceaseless and sound: The 8 areas inside city build a project 26 times to had completed construction in all 13, construction 13, add bed newly 1775 pieces. 74 new rebuild daytime attends the site is already finishing 44, the scale that finish 60% .

— level of safeguard of basic level health promotes continuously: County of whole town country (city, area) 171 villages and towns achieve unifinication administration. Begin impoverished population a serious illness in the round special bring a patient out of danger, cure rate is achieved 100% ; Up to now, whole town sends deficient 72139 times due to illness, return deficient poverty population to realize health to take off deficient entirely due to illness.

Number of a group of sets, one Zhangzhang smiling face; An a project, one Zhang Zhang exam paper. On the journey that builds strong city of contemporary provincial capital, economy, the grandiose picture scroll of a happy the people’s livelihood is spreading out slowly.