Report from our correspondent (reporter Ma Dongsheng) for heat of convenient and broad passenger carry goes out row, since August 6, shijiazhuang airport will restore ” Shijiazhuang — 10 lasher — Changsha ” course. It is reported, up to by July, quantity of flight number of Shijiazhuang airport day already restored to come last year of the corresponding period 8 into.

As we have learned, shijiazhuang — 10 lasher — Changsha course is first when domestic epidemic situation prevents airport of the Shijiazhuang after accusing to stabilize to restore line that saves to Hubei. This course by upper bay airline hold fly, type is E190, class

Period for every week 2, 4, 6, airliner date GX8838/GX8837. Hour of specific flight number is: 8:35 take off from Changsha, 10:20 arrive at 10 lasher; 11:00 take off from 10 lasher, 12:50 arrive at Shijiazhuang. 13:45 take off from Shijiazhuang, 15:30 arrive at 10 lasher; 16:10 take off from 10 lasher, 17:40 return Changsha. This course restores initial stage, shijiazhuang comes to 10 lasher, Shijiazhuang price of Changsha airline ticket is low reach 250 yuan.

Recently, unlock stage by stage as the travel that cross a province, aviation passenger gives a demand to grow gradually. Market of aviation of Shijiazhuang airport grip restores an opportunity, give an equipment full transport power for broad passenger summer vacation time, in succession dot of the new enlightened Huang Shan, boat that connect distant, restore full administrative division in, course of Hailaer, Baotou, add come closely the line of town of domestic heat travel such as Lhasa, Shenyang, Harbin, Lanzhou, Guangzhou, big talk, and island of emperor of Zhang Jia mouth, the Qin Dynasty is provincial course. Current, shijiazhuang is measured to Shanghai day flight number highest achieve 9, quantity of Guangzhou day flight number is highest achieve 8, quantity of flight number of day of Hangzhou, Chengdu is highest 5, quantity of flight number of day of Xiamen, Guiyang, Huhhot is highest 4, quantity of Lanzhou day flight number is highest 3. Provincial in course, shijiazhuang is measured to flight number of day of Zhang Jia opening highest 5, airline ticket price rises 180 yuan; Bear heart is daily 3, airline ticket price rises 300 yuan; Island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is daily 2, airline ticket price rises 110 yuan.