■ fire of no less than of parking lot of space of underground of square of common feelings of people if in construction of ground of a bitter edible plant.

Report from our correspondent (reporter Feng Yuejing) to alleviate ” it is difficult to jockey ” , provincial capital will be in parking lot of underground of construction of space of underground of square of common feelings of people this year, in intensifying building at present. Yesterday, the reporter learns from city landed group, parking lot of 5 intelligence of this underground, set parking space 619, will use at will be being thrown in December.

Yesterday, v/arc be on the throne Yu Yuhua road and dimension the square of common feelings of people of mouth of bright ave across east side, the reporter sees surround block inside tower crane is bristly, timbering of colligation of reinforcing steel bar, pattern plate, concrete is irrigated build, the setting of an in full swing, region already finished major area to lose 5 roof

irrigate build.

“Wide field of common feelings of people leaves dimensional parking lot, cover an area of a face to accumulate 5922.2 square metre, floor area 19357.39 square metre, set underground 5, total parking space 619. Among them, underground is common parking space 1 layer, set 26; Subterranean 2-5 layer is full automatic intelligence is stereo parking space, set 593. Future, car but Cong Weiming ave enters subterranean parking lot, exit is set on road of workers and peasants. ” Heibei builds technology of industry group project to always be versed in Yang Jie becomes the introduction, the characteristic with this the biggest parking lot was to use intelligence to jockey system, car but proper motion put in storage. Stereo garage uses automation intelligence control, put automatically car and take a car, by sensor ascertain car, leave out car advocate seek parking space (or look for a car) process. In the meantime, prohibit personnel is entered, the sex of guard against theft that increased traffic further and defend quality, prevent those who wait for case of malign security of society is rob to happen inside the garage.

“This project will in August the bottom implements principal part finishing. ” relevant controller introduces city landed group, according to the plan, this project will complete square shop outfit on October 1, investment will be used in December. Investment will be used in December..

According to introducing, since this year, to alleviate ” it is difficult to jockey ” problem, stone city with ” deserve to build give priority to, communal jockey for complementary, complement is inside the road ” , strong thrust enters a parking lot to build, provincial capital advocate the city zone will build parking space 148 thousand.