Report from our correspondent (chief correspondent Du Hui) ” civil code is in charge of ” as ” the encyclopedia that the society lives ” , it is the safeguard book of attainder. On July 28, shijiazhuang of specially invite of bureau of bureau of judicatory of abundant China area, science and technology city ” 75 ” round instructor of general law instructor Professor Zheng Ying is on network of abundant China area service center of science and technology is garden of Beijing University science and technology many 30 company staff is held ” unscramble civil code to be in charge of in the round ” special subject, deepen further ” civil code is in charge of ” social influence, stimulative enterprise lawfully sincere letter is managed, high quality of economy of the market that help strength develops.

“Civilian breathe out somewhat, law answer somewhat. ” Zheng Ying is taught first from compilatory ” civil code is in charge of ” great sense is told case, discount new issue of developing of society of our country economy, new challenge closely, undertook vivid elaborate.

She with ” Xiaoming’s lifetime ” give priority to a line, the small case in agile series life, liability of character authority, tort, will successive, fictitious belongings, headroom casts content to wait ” civil code is in charge of ” window content is shirt-sleeve, much angle cuts direct company and individual to apply law to protect oneself rights and interests, arouse further present

Staff study ” civil code is in charge of ” consciousness and initiative.

After the lecture ends, boat of Shijiazhuang city look forward to service center of law of civilian battalion enterprise makes rich the lawyer of China area workstation still undertakes be communicationed face-to-face with controller of a few companies, begin for the enterprise ” legal check-up ” .

Chief expresses related bureau of judicatory of abundant China area, explain to public this activity, developed adequately ” civil code is in charge of ” educational guidance and value lead a function, will guide the consciousness with enterprise nurturance abide by the law consciousness effectively, form the convention that seeks a way when anything crops up, education solves a problem to rely on the ability of the law, promote garden division business inside level of management further, health of the ceaseless industry that help strength is benign develop.