Report from our correspondent (chief correspondent Li Yunping) Shijiazhuang city average high school admitted time to be 2020 came 13 days on August 5. The reporter teachs exam courtyard know from Shijiazhuang city, recruit students of average this year high school still executes section to admit.

Recruit students of our city average high school is admitted use ” the parallel inside batch is volunteer ” mode, culture achievement, technicality is taken an examination of to develop quality to evaluate achievement and integrated quality in giving birth to plan, examinee according to recruit students limits, action the evaluation, arrive from high component small fraction is ordinal sort, according to examinee place fill in a form and submit it to the leadership volunteer order undertakes retrieval delivering file, what if examinee has two above to accord with,drop archives requirement is volunteer, a when deliver foremost range only according to sort volunteer.

Setting of batch of volunteer fill in a form and submit it to the leadership approves to shift to an earlier date: Normal University of school of 3+4 undergraduate course, Heibei (the province belongs to at public expense of school child teacher to develop a plan) . The first batch: Provincial demonstrative sex high school (set to allocate give birth to a volunteer, specialty unripe or professional class is volunteer, new 3 areas sheet arranges a plan volunteer, advocate plan of list of sheet of the city zone is volunteer with 4 provincial show plasticity, the China and foreign countries that enrols in this batch school beauty of system of cooperative education class, sound is special beauty of system of immortal, sound and calligraphy major class and school of run by the local people set recruit students code respectively, offer examinee fill in a form and submit it to the leadership volunteer. The 2nd batch: Blame is provincial demonstrative sex high school (establish an especially immortal or professional class 4 parallel are volunteer, volunteer) . The 3rd batch: 3+2, make high post school 5 years. The 4th batch: Average secondary vocational school.

Admit the job according to approve ahead of schedule, the first, 2, 3, 4 batches of ordinal section undertake. Approve ahead of schedule: Plan according to recruit students and examinee is volunteer, admit to small fraction from high component by the mark. The first batch: Enrol the overall condition with unripe plan and examinee volunteer fill in a form and submit it to the leadership according to each school, all recruit students that plans to give each school delivers archives mark line, lay a plan according to the action of each school next, ordinal admit allocate unripe, specialty to be born to plan to be born with only kind. When source of student is insufficient, will surplus plan turns to enrol a plan for all. Among them unified test result is the whole town that the professional achievement of music, art and calligraphy major examinee organizes with city exam courtyard accurate, 4 parallel are volunteer allocating especially unripe, immortal, only kind to plan to be born after admitting, undertake. The 2nd batch: Specialty is born or professional class admits method to be the same as the first batch, additionally 4 volunteer according to ” the parallel inside batch is volunteer ” mode undertakes admitting. The 3rd batch, according to the province relevant document of recruit students committee is carried out the 4th batch.

When admitting, in admit control mark line to go up, by each school recruit students the plan undertakes delivering file, the scale that deliver file all is 1 ∶ 1. If many examinee result is same and the scale that deliver file exceeds 1 ∶ 1, mix according to Chinese, maths above all 3 course always divide English, arrive from high component small fraction is ordinal deliver file. If still identical, deliver file entirely.

Allocate unripe admit method to be: According to recruit students fill in a form and submit it to the leadership of place of plan, examinee is volunteer, fix line of mark of recruit students of every school interconnected system. The lowest that admits the float below fractional line 50 minutes to be born to allocate by recruit students of interconnected system of school of each high school controls fractional route, cent school undertakes enrolling only outstanding people to small fraction from high component. The allocation of school of each junior high school lays a plan half-baked, more than index will adjust its sky to be used centrally for recruit students of high school all, face the urban district the 2nd times to unite admit. Allocate unripe

After admitting an end, exam courtyard meets city will admit information in time to inform each of the county (city) , district court does, school of each junior high school should give birth to the allocation of school of each recruit students lowest to control fractional line and list of enrollees to be in the school fair show a week, accept a society to supervise.

Laborious collect middle school, deciding middle school, Shijiazhuang experiment middle school, Shijiazhuang the allocation of middle school of the 2nd experiment is unripe by each county (city) , area education bureau is pressed allocate this county (city) , the plan of the area, allocate its school of each junior high school, exam courtyard will press the plan after allocating, cent school is admitted, the plan is half-baked, place remnant index will turn to be used centrally for all recruit students, face all counties inside recruit students limits (city) , the division is uniform admit.