Whole 2020 town accelerates development of motion of ice and snow and conference of job of fitness of the whole people to hold

Motion of stimulative ice and snow develops blue print of fitness of program the whole people

Report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Zhen) on July 28, the our city is held accelerated motion of ice and snow to develop the job to lead joint meeting of group enlarged meeting and job of fitness of the whole people 2020, wang Shaohua of minister of minister of ministry of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, propaganda, all battle ministry attends the meeting and speak, deputy mayor Meng Xianggong moderates, city accelerates motion of ice and snow to develop project

Make a leader the unit is in charge of a comrade attending the meeting related group and joint meeting of job of fitness of the whole people, whole town each county (city, area) relevant and responsible comrade attends video meeting in local branch field.

The conference listened to city sports bureau to move to begin the report of the circumstance with job of fitness of the whole people about whole town ice and snow above all.

After listening to relevant report and introduction, wang Shaohua points out, job of sports of current our city is lying significant strategic opportunity period, new condition and new job, drive sports facilities progress to raise new taller requirement to accelerating. This year, the our city should do good city ice and snow to games makes preparations and save games of ice and snow to take part in the match on one hand the job. On the other hand even solid catch nice school yard and motion of social ice and snow to gain ground, the school wants adjust measures to local conditions to make plan of education of motion of ice and snow, city county the house wants two class rink as soon as possible finishing investment is used.

Wang Shaohua emphasizes, this year is ” fitness of Shijiazhuang city the whole people implements a plan (2016, 2020) ” receive Guan Zhi year, also be ” 945 ” of the program those who make year. It is good with doing that the unit wants related each ” 945 ” the program is motivation, sectional program and job of fitness of the whole people organic union rises, communal sports of the our city that defeat solution serves the outstanding issue that the domain exists, fill further development of fitness of the whole people of neat our city is short board, exert oneself satisfies the sports fitness requirement of the diversification that the citizen grows increasingly, new blueprint of fitness of the whole people of Shijiazhuang of join forces plan.