Report from our correspondent (chief correspondent Du Hui) 81 found an army during the part comes, new community of street classics trade was in China area Du Bei on July 28 service center of community integrated culture is held greet 81 call Gong Ge activity.

In the morning at 10 o’clock, organism of red of classics trade community — often come the members of happy mass organizations come to community service center early, everybody each spirit enlivens, passion is insurgent. ” 10 send a Red Army man ” call whole community noisy, everybody uses full passion, the singing of loud and clear, sang pair of motherlands

have deep love for, right party, right of the soldier deep devoir. Promoted revolutionary tradition through singing Gongge, reviewed passionate years, promotional everybody heart to the party, persuasion that takes with the party. Sang red song activity this to enhance community cohesive affinity, brought joy to the dweller, pull close everybody’s distance, built health up community culture atmosphere.