The our city advances the focal point safe production special punish acts

Did not move company of ingoing garden chemical industry uniform close stop

Report from our correspondent (chief correspondent Wu Wen) the whole town that the reporter holds from recently learns on press conference of situation of lash-up management job first half of the year, second half of the year, our city safe production advances the focal point special punish 3 years to act, highlight punish of chemical industry assault fortified positions, by December before, half-baked the company that moves ingoing garden is same close stop.

Since this year, whole town safe production situation is stable.

Current, the our city is in advocate flood season, spend flood for safety, ensure people life is safe, the our city did a large number of specific and significant works, to whole town 239 big medium or small reservoir and path of Hong He of 7 main travel all made lash-up of flood prevention rush to deal with an emergency come to help beforehand case; 1029 villages of whole town that suffer mountain torrents effect began masses to avoid danger move finds a place for entirely drilling; 13 army that be stationed in stone made plan of job of rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief related.

According to flood prevention only store, the principle that photograph of many number stuff integrates sectional acting Chu Hequn, whole town lays in flood prevention goods and materials twenty-six million and forteen thousand and fifty yuan, establish team of of all kinds rush to deal with an emergency to add up to 519, 23133 people; The 60 keys village that 227 small-sized reservoir of whole town and mountain torrents calamity send an area easily deployed a hand to shake report of warning apparatus, satellite

Word; In mountain torrents calamity easy hair area builds automatic regimen to monitor a site 378 place, early-warning radio station orders 1429 part, realized mountain torrents calamity to monitor early-warning to be enclothed completely.

Since May, be had to 37 and 93 already shut gangue library to begin platoon of safe hidden trouble to check ” the expert diagnoses tegether ” , problem hidden trouble is rectified and reform entirely reach the designated position. Strengthen lash-up of pair of library of gangue of the mine that be not coal to save rescue equipment, goods and materials to deploy, the water level inside the library, superintend and director that discharges the circumstance such as big system guides examination, accomplish should check check, answer to exhaust equipment fully.

Second half of the year, the our city advances the focal point safe production special punish acts 3 years. According to city ” 1+2+15 ” (an overall program, plan of 2 special subject, include danger to change article, the mine that be not coal, fire control, road is carried wait for 15 special program) special punish is overall plan, supervise and urge perfect job pushs various and departmental door stage Zhang and ” two detailed list ” , increase special superintend and director to examine strength, exposure model case, drive special punish working development is strong begin.

Highlight punish of chemical industry assault fortified positions at the same time. Strict danger is changed taste production to build a project to examine and approve, accelerate ” 4 a batch ” (close stop ban a batch, move ingoing garden a batch, transform promotion a batch, do actor strong a batch) fulfil. The end of this month, one, 2, 3, data of video of enterprise of great and dangerous source receives 4 class to monitor early-warning platform; By December before, half-baked move ingoing garden company uniform close stop.