The our city is perfected further forecast early-warning establishment to ensure spend flood smoothly

Build firm flood prevention with force of science and technology ” safe bank “

Report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Lifang) current, the our city is worth ” 7 8 on ” period of flood prevention key, frequency of strong rainfall weather is sent, do rush to deal with an emergency of good flood prevention or control hammer and tongs each job no time to delay. In flood prevention fight a flood, mountain torrents comes quickly, seasonable early-warning is attached most importance to especially should. Besides knock gong and hand to shake warning apparatus outside the necessary equipment of early-warning of two a mountainous area flood prevention, on August 6, the reporter understands in interview, in the flood prevention job this year, each county (city, area) still wait for method of science and technology through wireless early-warning broadcast, long-range supervisory system, seasonable announcement each district is strengthened be on guard, be opposite in real time each are big

Medium-sized reservoir undertakes monitoring.

The application of high-tech can ensure flood prevention information is straightway not only, raise forecast essence effectively to allow to spend, still can raise the scientific sex with decision-making direct and initiative. “Forecast according to atmosphere branch, since my county will greet flood the strongest rainfall, ask each village to strengthen be on guard, seasonable early-warning, had made each preparation. ” the office in bureau of irrigation works of clever birthday county, the staff member dialed a telephone with the mobile phone. Not a little while, this message can pass entire county the big horn broadcast of each village went out. The reporter understands, clever birthday county has facility of broadcast of many 60 wireless early-warning now, a a phone, short messages, can inform each the village does good move to prepare at any time and place, need not cadre of repass town village is communicated one by one.

Add system of wireless early-warning broadcasting besides the village that gives Yi Shoushan big calamity menace, this year, whole town still completed construction of supervisory system of video of flood prevention of key water project, reservoir water level and spillway circumstance realized long-range trends to monitor, the system of video hold a conference or consultation of county of qualitative calamity of virgin soil of a few easy hair also is sent on use. “High-tech equipment raised entire county to forecast early-warning and flood prevention to attemper further ability. Fall everyday now midday, we can use system of video hold a conference or consultation connect a line with city bureau. ” responsible comrade introduces related bureau of irrigation works of assist emperor county, grow in quantity of weather of nearly a few days of strong precipitation, entire county mechanism of daily video hold a conference or consultation already also started villages and towns of 7 the most incidental geological calamity in the round.

Flood Ling Chang is connected is the safeguard that does work of good flood prevention or control. Since this year, the our city is perfected further cast early-warning installation, to whole town water level of 140 reservoir, wadi monitored facilities of facilities of regimen of rain of site of site, 360 many rainfall to undertake maintaining, debug. For whole town 227 small-sized reservoir and mountain torrents calamity send an area easily 60 keys village deployed a hand to shake entirely phone of type warning apparatus, satellite. Build mountain torrents calamity to monitor early warning system, site of regimen of automatic to 380 place rain, 291 place are simple and easy water level site, 1224 place are simple and easy the dot had radio station of early-warning of rainfall site, 1452 place maintenance, conserve, debug, ensure facilities facilities moves normally, completed construction of supervisory system of video of flood prevention of key water project.