Lin Jun of reporter of dawn of Li Kun of reporter of □ our newspaper five

Recently, reporter from assist emperor county relevant section learns, since this year, this county development is begun ” 3 achieve 4 build ” activity, carry out energetically ” 4 one ” project, pass namely ” knit close a piece of network, build strong one individual department, develop an activity, build prison a platform ” , platoon of smooth, contradictory dispute checks communication channel of news of stimulative country base mediate orderly, safety to be on guard meticulous rigor, restful countryside founds entire county effect sees first.

Knit close a piece of network, country situation, village affection all accuses in the palm. This county is all village (house) all according to ” frankpledge one reseau, one case a reseau member, one village long, every countryside establishs a reseau an administrator ” standard, execute reseau to change a class management system, all information can be passed ” 9+X ” system and times send villages and towns and county.

Build strong one individual department, rustic major key solves pattern to be perfected with each passing day. In entire county original people adjuster on 789 foundation, this year first half of the year, this county politics and law appoint associated county letter visits the department such as court of bureau, prefectural judicatory bureau, county, choose publicly inside entire county limits hire 21 full-time adjuster, classics is strict county, rural area is enriched respectively after grooming committee of mediation of two class people and center of butt joint appealing to tone.

Develop an activity, restful countryside builds the effect to highlight. Began in development of entire county limits ” 3 without 300 ” restful village establishs an activity, urge a country actively ” 5 an organic whole ” processing framework and ” 4 discuss two open ” the system falls to real point. Found through catching, found, control fountainhead, windbreak a place difficult of access, platoon of great and contradictory dispute is checked hundred, punish of hidden trouble of outstanding public security hundred, canal of high risk crowd accuses the village house of hundred to achieve 172, occupy than exceeding 80% .

Build prison a platform, integrated director function realizes promotion. Since this year, this county combines villages and towns to be reformed integratedly, treat a center to be a foundation with put together, unified built villages and towns to standardize integrated director platform, unite for all villages and towns

Make delivered working system, print and distribute workbench Zhang, preliminary realized personnel of integrated director platform to reach the designated position, system standard, office is orderly. Rely on especially ” bright project ” video monitoring platform, added 110 newly to photograph like the head, bring into monitoring of video of social natural resources 674, monitoring of entire county video achieved 1247, already effective awe criminality, great served people.

Through puissant carry out ” 4 one ” project, restful countryside construction obtains this county preliminary achievement. “Bagatelle does not give a village, the important matter does not give country (town) , contradiction is not handed in ” the target is tentative implementation. As we have learned, 2020 restful first quarter construction examines in, assist emperor county is in whole town 4 impoverished counties row the first; The people that the near future announces spends evaluation to satisfaction of security of society in, assist emperor county list whole town the 3rd, save thirtieth completely.