The our city holds rubbish to burn power station and railway station east project of promotion of square city sitting room attempers meeting

Stare at assault fortified positions of tight end do all one can to ensure project construction is protected on time finish character

Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Chong) on July 29, the our city holds life rubbish to burn early or late power station and railway station east square city sitting room promotes a project two special subject attemper meeting, to the project construction undertakes attempering again, the requirement accelerates construction plan, assault fortified positions of do all one can, ensure finish the job as scheduled. Deputy mayor Gao Yuzhu attends the meeting and speak.

Burn in life rubbish generate electricity project construction special subject attempers on the meeting, bureau of city town canal reported rubbish of whole town life to burn generate electricity the project builds overall progress case, without extremely county of county, advance state city, Zhao, clever birthday county is mixed county of travel the Tang Dynasty reported case of respective job progress respectively about chief, coordinated harmony problem to undertake study deploy with respect to next need.

Gao Yuzhu points out, executive life rubbish burns generate electricity project construction, it is to raise life rubbish processing to decrease quantify, resource is changed and harmless the important step that change, also be this year Heibei saves one of projects of 20 common feelings of people. Various each should raise politics to stand about the branch, fulfil main body responsibility, characteristic of construction of mature flood season, stare at key link closely, block dead node,

Wall map fights, fight continuously, press stubble to advance; Ambitious force attempers superintend and director guides, strengthen constituent safeguard, form efficient advance a mechanism, seasonable discovery, solve a problem; Should fulfil strictly defend each quality, measure that protects security, make with all one’s strength be at ease project, satisfactory project, safe project, ensure of withstand reality and history examine.

The railway station that holding subsequently east special subject of project of promotion of square city sitting room attempers on the meeting, the job that Gao Yuzhu listened to city town to be in charge of bureau of rich program of bureau, city to wait for relevant section is reported, had done next jobs to raise specific requirement.