Report from our correspondent (Duan Na of chief correspondent Fan Yulei’s reporter is graceful) on August 2, heibei airport group opens Shijiazhuang to arrange line of day of total cargo aircraft to Belgium, this is afterwards enlightened on July 31 Shijiazhuang blocks fort of nimble beautiful jade to Russia leaf after fixed international cargo line, the cargo line of the 7th international with Shijiazhuang enlightened this year airport.

This course by Maerduowa freight airline hold fly, type is B747-400F, airliner date is F52241/2, beijing time 7 when fly to Shijiazhuang 30 minutes; 10 when take off 30 minutes from Shijiazhuang, predict August in all hold fly to 18. This airliner is airliner of total cargo aircraft, kinds or types of goods is main with medical goods and materials, dress, electric equipment

Goods of business of spare parts, small commodities, cable is given priority to. The airport listing day that is located in Belgian south is the freight airport with the biggest Belgium, it is one of hubs of European important air-freight more, the enlightened fill of this course Shijiazhuang comes the blank of Western Europe course, made up for Chinese northern region the transport power breach to Western Europe.

Since this year, heibei airport group develops Shijiazhuang airport actively to face empty economy to develop new engine effect, grab the development that stresses Heibei to save a government to put forward to cross the new opportunity of condition cable business, send business of force international freight, integrated free tax zone builds division of test of free trade of the Heibei that help strength and Shijiazhuang, introduce the company of large freight representative that has actual strength, content actively to shed a company, development of international cargo line obtains apparent effect. 1-7 month, shijiazhuang airport goods mails handling capacity 32223.5 tons, grow 17.3% compared to the same period, international goods mails handling capacity to grow 408% compared to the same period. Next, heibei airport group will increase international freight market to develop strength further, open Shijiazhuang to reach Amsterdam of Moscow of Osaka of Korea head Er, Japan, Russia, Holand, United States in succession the international cargo line of los angeles and other places.