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Dispatch (reporter Feng Yuejing) yesterday, the reporter hands in tubal bureau know from city public security bureau, pagoda tree An Lu and 2 annulus each other connects pagoda tree of crossroads first phase project to bring a way on the west (on the west to the south of 2 annulus 260 meters) to side road picket base construction on August 7 (Zhou Wu) 22:00 start working, time limit for a project is 146 days, will come continuously on December 31. Ask broad citizen the attention is circuitous.

According to introducing, during construction, will surround the An Lu that block a pagoda tree (on the west to the south of 2 annulus 260 meters) south two motor-driven driveway has the side outside half range side road construction. South the instead of two motor-driven driveway of inside of the rest of half range side road driveway of a motor-driven and motor vehicle of a blame for by east motor vehicle is mixed on the west blame motor vehicle is current. The driver friend attention that asks associate with is circuitous.