Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Lijiang) summer comes, many dwellers are used to direct and drinkable bucket to install the clean water in water, but is bucket outfit water certain is sanitation safe? City disease accuses a center to issued healthy reminder a few days ago, remind the public the society is differentiated, health of scientific choose and buy is healthful the bucket installs water.

Brand of water of outfit of the bucket on the market is at present various, the good and bad are intermingled, look be like a pail of simple water, actually whole unripe

Producing flow is very complex however. Drinking water produces flow to have 10 many crucial reference point, even more than general food production, include raw water, filter, fill outfit, clean the link such as alexipharmic pail, can cause various pollution cursorily a bit. Expert proposal, choice bucket installs water to should notice the following:

It is to look pack. Examine the bucket that pack clean, label is complete above the bucket that pack, it is clear to produce date, expiration period to wait to whether indicate. Can detect through laying bucket body sealing, if the bucket is built,can turn or bucket body has waterlogging to go out, explain sealing is bad, cause microbial pollution probably.

2 it is the water inside meticulous observation bucket. Observe whether transparent pail of outfit water is clear, macroscopical sundry, present garrulous account other people, water quality cloudy wait for a phenomenon, the important news after opening enters the water to whether have peculiar smell, other smelly or the flavour of other.

3 it is to notice the expiration period more. The bucket installs the expiration period that water indicates to have 3 months only commonly, once open a bucket to install water, normally with giving out inside a week advisable, should heat otherwise boil again drinkable. Be in especially burning hot summer, temperature is high, the bacterium breeds speed also is accelerated, more cannot long put. Bucket outfit water had better be put in avoid ventilated and smooth, shady and cool place, avoid to insolate below sunshine.

4 it is to water machine place have exquisite. Want to will water machine put at shady and cool place, avoid clean water to insolate below sunlight, influence water quality. When drinking water, should shut water machine add pyroelectricity source, lest heat up cistern,medium water heats repeatedly.

5 it is to water machine cleanness wants seasonable. Because be used for a long time, water of machine store water bravery, aqueduct, mouth giving water is met deposit bilge, cause a bucket to install water 2 times to pollute. Must clean regularly water machine. Average household waters machine 2 clean to 3 months. If be business the word of water is best half month or a month is cleaned.