Produce of excellent distinguishing feature walks up ” high in the clouds “

Smooth hill enterprise builds platform of business of the cable that help deficient up

Report from our correspondent (dawn of reporter Li Kun) recently, farming storehouse helps the civilian profit that by Heibei limited company of science and technology of civilian benefit agriculture makes the ceremony of platform of deficient cable business that start is held in smooth hill county.

This company is passed it is chance in order to make electric business platform, conformity entire county is high grade characteristic produce resource, make kind, raise, the entire industry catenary such as treatment, sale takes off deficient to develop way, use produce to center sale and line to fall to be pushed continuously wait for an advantage, drive masses of entire county poverty to take off deficient to add close.

“Current, platform commodity has bean curd of brawn of channel of water broken bits, ancient month to wait for produce of a variety of 100 excellent distinguishing feature, for entire county the vast enterprise that help deficient up, offer new sale channel. Not only such, the company returns the turnip that can buy poverty door to be produced oneself directly with value of prep above market, more than kinds of 10 product such as grain of dry beans horn, small impurities, detect through safety later, essence of life is chosen, pack a series of link, below the circumstance that assures product quality, wear on platform. ” Fan Litang of this company president tells a reporter, during trying operation, platform everyday sale exceeds 20 thousand yuan.

As we have learned, as Heibei the province helps deficient bibcock company, come for years, limited company of science and technology of agriculture of Heibei civilian benefit sends force continuously in the respect that help deficient up. Besides make platform of business of the cable that help deficient up, this company is returned according to ” enterprise + cooperation + farmer + base ” mode, undertake cooperative with local farmer, supply young plant of pig young, chicken for them, sign era to raise an agreement with farmer, the breed aquatics of farmer the risk fell lowest. According to statistic, this company drives farmer 1587, average every income exceeds 10 thousand yuan.