City leadership is dark visit attemper achieve the requirement when protecting the job

Standard of comparison rectifies and reform comprehensive promotion sanitation to establish a standard seriously

Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Lijiang) on July 29, the 4 areas inside thorough city begin Wang Shaohua of minister of minister of ministry of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, propaganda, all battle ministry achieve protect the job dark visit, hold special subject to attemper can advance national sanitation city to found the job to raise specific requirement next.

Wang Shaohua makes rich area of village of China area the Song Dynasty, Chang’an talks about solid deep early or late new residential quarter, new in China area store seafood market and bridge on the west Ou Huaxing road achieve defend the job to nod. Every reach one point, city leadership is examined on the spot, detailed knowledge, yes

According to achieve defend standard item-by-item to undertake checking. Be aimed at the problem of discovery, wang Shaohua exhorts carefully city is achieved defend do detailed notes,

Wang Shaohua points out, found technology of national sanitation city to evaluate draw near, each division each unit should contrast achieve defend a level, the village in be aimed at a city, community, market and ” 7 small industries ” the outstanding issue that waits for a respect is rectified and reform with all one’s strength, deadline is finished. Want draw inferences about other cases from one instance, be in with annals the spirit that must is all-around search a question, the village in driving station of Party and goverment officials, free market of agricultural products, comfort station, rubbish, village, urban and rural copula and city, ” 7 small industries ” , the key place such as construction site is achieved defend the job to realize comprehensive promotion.

Wang Shaohua asks, height of municipal Party committee, municipal government takes seriously achieve protect the job, congress of the member that each area wants move of rapid call together, main leader is caught personally, the director leads exert oneself to catch, whole area arouses, overall action, advance achieve protect the job. City class should continue to increase superintend and director to guide strength, concentrated force quantity has specific aim ground to solve outstanding problem, drive with strong move achieve defend the job to obtain strong result.