Shijiazhuang airport gives out safety of summer vacation time to go out travel is small stick person

Do good oneself to defend by health ” green code ” seize the opportunity

Report from our correspondent (brighting Zhao Wangyi of chief correspondent Fan Yulei’s reporter male) come as summer vacation time, heat carries aviation market warms up with each passing day, shijiazhuang airport insists to catch good normalization epidemic situation to prevent accuse, security of main safeguard passenger goes row. In the meantime, shijiazhuang airport reminds a passenger, summer vacation time goes out to need to do good oneself to defend all right.

Science adorns guaze mask. As weather heated, situation of domestic epidemic situation takes a favourable turn, the part awaits plane passenger to exist not to adorn by the requirement the circumstance of guaze mask. Shijiazhuang airport reminds passenger of wide Mahayana plane, normalization epidemic situation is prevented accuse to not be equal to epidemic situation to end, take passenger regular bus, enter boat station building to adorn scientificly please guaze mask, do good individual to defend.

The passenger is piled up by health ” green code ” bright code is current. Preparation takes a plane to come stone passenger, must show by airline to place before board the plane ” Heibei health is piled up ” or countrywide unifinication government serves platform

Information piles up epidemic prevention health, by health ” green code ” seize the opportunity normally. Building of 2 boat station executes Shijiazhuang airport ” bright code is current ” , ask a passenger to cooperate temperature to measure. Passenger leaving rock can scan by oneself ” Heibei health is piled up ” after 2 dimension are piled up show actively, by health ” green code ” enter boat station building. Differ according to what multiplying airline, destination, by airline the requirement undertakes healthy information is declared.

Maintain safety of 1 meter of above to be apart from please. Current, shijiazhuang airport enters a travel peak, day of the passenger inside boat station building is gradual much, ask a passenger to wait, queue up to take airport passenger regular bus, deal with seize the opportunity formalities, through installing check is mixed when seizing the opportunity to queue up, maintain socialization of 1 meter of above to be apart from. The passenger is when airport have dinner, shijiazhuang airport according to ” one desk one chair ” ” lie between one meter ” the requirement fulfils epidemic situation to prevent control a demand, press staff member clew please, cent desk undertakes repast.

The summer carries toilet water, prevent bask in frost to cross check to need to notice. Summer arrived, toilet water, prevent basked in the article such as frost to become the summer to give the hand of travel necessary. Because content of toilet water alcohol is high,belong to tinderbox, no matter capacity how many, when taking a plane, cannot carry, need to deal with consign. Carry prevent bask in the cosmetic such as frost, according to the regulation, volume of single bottle container exceeds 100ml cosmetic to prohibit be being carried, deal with in time please consign. The cosmetic that carries in the passenger exceeds the circumstance of the quantity to fall, can install check to apply for to divide bottle to undertake dividing installing through 100ml standard to Shijiazhuang airport, facilitating passenger is carried.

It is reported, enter the summer, adorn to give the passenger of guaze mask is offerred more comfortable await machine environment, shijiazhuang airport strengthens new wind force to introduce to building of 2 boat station, the staff member undertakes in time metrical a record to the temperature inside boat station building, trends is adjusted, ensure the temperature inside station building maintains boat to be controlled in 25 ℃ . In the meantime, to boat quality of the air inside station building has go on a tour of inspection, daily wait to relevant equipment undertake alexipharmic.