Report from our correspondent (chief correspondent Wu Wen) the reporter changes from city hair appoint know, the relevant policy that about giving aid to to fulfil country and province agriculture develops, normative electrovalency manages, our city specific rural area lasts storage facilities produces the price that use phone with electric executive agriculture, execute since January 2, 2020.

Specific and character, farm of national support family, farming

Civilian sorting of producing area of construction of business of cooperation of cooperation, supply and marketing, postal express, industrialization bibcock company is packed, cold storage lasts, storage is carried wait for establishment, last to what its build in the country storage facilities carries out agriculture to produce the price that use phone with report. If active electrovalency produces electrovalency under agriculture, carry out by active electrovalency. The initiative time that this policy executes is on January 2, 2020.

According to statistical standard, the country is the villager committee area under one’s jurisdiction that shows with civil administration the branch affirms to differentiate object, limits is in the area beyond town. Operating the level, can consult ” work out of code of administrative division into districts is regular under the county that uses on statistic ” , code of administrative division into districts codes the 3rd paragraph (the 10th ~ 12) in ” 200 ~ 399 ” the village inside limits, limit for the country.

City hair changes appoint hair of requirement each district changes Heibei of network of branch, nation to save branch of power company Shijiazhuang to be carried out seriously carry out, seasonable appropriate handles the issue that appears in the process here, ensure relevant market main body enjoys policy bonus.