Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Lijiang) reporter from city the Red Cross learns, to advance Red Cross volunteer service activity, a few days ago our city ” volunteer Shijiazhuang ” platform ” volunteer Red Cross ” module is formal go up line. Already had 22 Red Cross at present 9224 organization of 50 committee of volunteer servive routine, volunteer services, volunteers are in ” volunteer Red Cross ” module is finished register.

In last few years, as masses commonweal consciousness rise ceaselessly, numerous people participates in whole town the enthusiasm of volunteer service rises ceaselessly. Volunteer service regards Red Cross as a whole town branch of volunteer servive routine, development is rapid, effect is distinct. For government of normative volunteer team, protect volunteer rights and interests better, the Red Cross and municipal Party committee publicize Shijiazhuang city a collaboration, in ” volunteer Shijiazhuang ” platform development was designed ” volunteer Red Cross ” module.

In the following job, each volunteer service organization will deepen the our city “

Volunteer Red Cross ” module is applied, be engineered meticulously and carry out have the Red Cross that can develop continuously volunteer service project, drive our city Red Cross the level on volunteer servive routine, raise a level, help strength ” 3 achieve 4 build ” working be born is fulfilled, make Red Cross volunteer serve to make larger contribution for progress of provincial capital civilization.