Report from our correspondent (Wang Hao of Wang Weiwei of reporter Liu Lifang’s reporter) ” close

The storehouse main body of 700 square metre is already finishing, will rent adjacent village as village collective asset this year enterprise of a palace lantern, only this one income that can bring nearly 50 thousand yuan to our village collective. ” on July 21, wu Zengxin of secretary of Party branch of large order village is self-confident before the Zhao county that supervising operation in project construction site the ground says, supervise through examine of special make one’s rounds, class of Ceng Yin village the village of a weak slack that the problem such as collective economy weakness is included, getting be changinged in the round.

It is not only before big Zhang Cun, pass county Party committee examine of special make one’s rounds, parties of more and more rural basic level build Zhao county the job is getting comprehensive promotion. Walk into Zhao county country nowadays, street and clean neat, green meaning of street heart small visit a garden or park is abundant, integrated service station reachs village level entirely ” 6 have ” standard, village cadre is on duty to provide round-the-clock considerate service for common people by turns, the acquisition of common people is feeling, happy feeling, safe feeling and satisfaction are spent get promotion ceaselessly. Arrived especially in the evening, shine on roof ” go with the party forever ” the neon lamp of model of written characters, had become the villager to go out of travel ” beacon light ” .

Since this year, face decisive battle decide the issue of the battle to take off the deficient assault fortified positions, onerous task that builds comparatively well-off society in the round, face capture ” double victory ” stern test, zhao county had begun ” catch prevent hurried to protect ” the activity serves as important grasper, build examine of make one’s rounds and party of rural basic level working look is united in wedlock, sufficient play visitatorial supervises safeguard to execute function, cogent superintend and director guides basic level party is built short board weak sports, firm is caught fulfil drive basic level of entire county country Dang Jianquan is comprehensive and face promotion, excellent. Up to by June, entire county is optimized early or late adjust secretary of village Party branch 12 people, other village ” two appoint ” 30 people of cadre, entire county 281 villages the village of 50 thousand yuan of above achieves collective economy income 170, occupy than 60.5% ; 20 thousand yuan of the following villages already reduced 47, occupy than 16.7% .

This examine of make one’s rounds is adopted ” linkage of prefectural home village or town, unified deploy, synchronism is carried out ” means, establish special force, be careful in one’s conduct of the member that establish cadre of full-time of examine of make one’s rounds of 8 county Party committee to hold the post of cadre of examine of make one’s rounds of group leader, part and villages and towns to organize, record member, the party establishs 8 county Party committee that run a director to be a member group of examine of make one’s rounds, according to the principle of one accredit, to this county organization of party of 47 villages class develops village form examine of special make one’s rounds. Among them, group of examine of 4 make one’s rounds is aimed at organization of party of village of 25 weak slack technically still to begin examine of special make one’s rounds. Before examine of make one’s rounds begins, united the member that comprise to examine of make one’s rounds to undertake special subject groom, print and distribute ” catch a party to build, epidemic prevention affection, hurried takes off deficient, protect well-off ” mobile superintend and director guides point, help them master special visitatorial method and requirement adroitly,

“Examine of special make one’s rounds discovers a problem in all 189, cogent for rural basic level face promotion looks for Dang Jianquan allowed focus of a disease. ” examine of make one’s rounds of Zhao county county Party committee does director Li Jianbo to say, this examine of make one’s rounds holds to a problem to direct from beginning to end, exert oneself discovers organization of party of basic level of a few countries is in carry out fulfil the county that visit town ” catch prevent hurried to protect ” activity and basic level party build aspect of working key task, drive not do one’s best, be born disloyal, action is sluggish wait for outstanding issue, party of focusing basic level is built, development of rustic processing, estate and development expand collective economy 3 big board piece, appearance of village of look of construction of standardization of place of village class organization, Party member management, village, funds is fulfilled wait for 28 8 respects, content, begin examine of make one’s rounds of item-by-item one by one.

“Be about to know flat, need criterion; Be about to know circumference, need custom. ” , li Jianbo says, this county rectifies and reform examine of make one’s rounds with perfect system union rises, pay attention to take temporary solution already, aggrandizement effect a permanent cure, build perfect ” stand for a long time ” mechanism, ensure somebody of at every turn is in charge of, can fulfil. To the general character issue that examine of make one’s rounds gives, one hundred percent supervises and urge Party committee of place villages and towns and be rectified and reform to reach the designated position by organization of party of class of village of examine of make one’s rounds; Remind to problem of the catholicity of discovery, tendentiousness be organized by party of class of village of examine of make one’s rounds draw inferences about other cases from one instance, jam flaw, research makes the train of thought that solves a problem and move, compose establishs the system mechanism that canal length effect uses, avoid congener problem to happen again; To the outstanding problem that examine of make one’s rounds discovers, drive begin special punish, ensure the problem sees an end, with solid and effective rectify and reform fulfil effect, hit for high quality win deficient assault fortified positions to stop government-owned fight, lay solid foundation to build comparatively well-off society in the round.