Municipal government is right without extremely platoon of prefectural danger trash checks problem of punish not do one’s best to undertake agreement talking

Aggrandizement step is strong rectify and reform guard bottom line of firm environment safety stoutly

Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Chong) on August 3, municipal government holds special subject to meet, to notting have extremely platoon of prefectural danger trash checks problem of punish not do one’s best to undertake publicity agreement talking, offer serious criticism, supervise and urge without extremely lesson of prefectural profundity derive, aggrandizement responsibility is fulfilled, comprehensive and meticulous do good issue to rectify and reform, guard bottom line of firm environment safety stoutly. Deputy mayor Jiang Wengong attends the meeting and speak.

The conference reported Heibei to visit office of council of zoology environmental protection ” without extremely the dangerous trash platoon such as waste liquid of prefectural industry flotsam checks punish opinion of special superintend feedback ” ; Without extremely prefectural government was made make known his position to make a speech and put forward to provide body rectifies and reform measure.

The conference points out, task of a beginning dangerous trash platoon to check punish is deploy of arrangement of government of provincial Party committee, province and municipal Party committee, municipal government serious politics. Various and departmental door wants to take seriously highly, do not have especially extremely the county must raise politics to stand, the problem that special to the province superintend points out, search germ seriously, implement system of 4 detailed list strictly, make choice accurate, rigorous, meticulous rectify and reform measure, seasonable organization is begun ” look round ” evaluate rectify and reform the effect, ensure whole issue is rectified and reform by the requirement reach the designated position.

Conference requirement, want to build

Normalization grows effect to superintend a mechanism, responsibility of main body of squeezing ramming industry, guide an enterprise to promote dangerous trash actively to run each measure, be on guard sudden environment incident happens; Want aggrandizement job to plan as a whole, the side that strengthens pair of businesses is helped up, directive help enterprise promotes an environment to govern a level, put an end to stoutly ” one knife is cut ” ; Want strict superintend and director to guide ask effect, aggrandizement executes the law examination, supervising and urge without extremely the county has been caught in the round rectify and reform while, ensure whole of whole town work is advanced; Want aggrandizement conduct propaganda to guide, encourage the public to take an active part in supervise, build the whole people to participate in, the grumous atmosphere that stresses condominium together.