City casts hurried bureau to hold policy to unscramble special subject to groom meeting

Better service foreign trader invests an enterprise

Report from our correspondent (reporter Jiao Lili) operate ability to improve the policy level of staff member of whole town foreign capital and practice further, serve a foreign trader to invest an enterprise better, recently, city casts hurried bureau to be united in wedlock ” double ask plan ” activity, the organization holds policy to unscramble special subject to groom meeting, send message for basic level, send policy, send a service.

The basis uses the new condition of foreign capital, new policy, new requirement currently, groom this installed a foreign trader to invest approve of project of company registration book, foreign capital to have business of case, foreign currency is registered deal with Cheng of brooklet waiting for detailed to explain, invite province hair to change appoint, hall of province business affairs, province the sectional business backbone such as superintendency bureau of exchange control bureau and city market ” the foreign trader invests a way

” ” foreign investment method carries out byelaw ” ” measure of report of foreign investment news ” wait for policy point to refer read.

Each county (city, area) , area of new and high area, garden of circular chemical industry, integrated free tax zone is in charge of approve of project of report of news of foreign capital business, foreign capital having nearly 100 people join staff related registration book of company of case, foreign capital groom. Join meeting personnel to express, groom this can harvest quite abundant, what learn the union in working actually content to be explored ceaselessly, serve a foreign trader to invest an enterprise better, drive job of our city foreign capital to make the same score firm health to develop hard.