Report from our correspondent (reporter Jiao Lili) city casts hurried bureau to was held a few days ago ” Shijiazhuang city — south open an university to produce learn to grind cooperative butt joint is met ” , resolve technical demand for our city enterprise, to receiving college science and technology innovation resource builds platform, facilitate intent of a batch of collaboration, advance school look forward to to produce further learn to grind collaboration.

The activity is used ” advocate assembly room + branch field + school square video connects a line ” network video form is held, can go up to receiving, delegate of 8 enterprises of our city issued respective technology requirement, the expert professor that the university opens south undertook explaining with respect to respective technology natural resources, both sides reachs his around genetic biology microbial research, polyurethane is flame retardant the technical collaboration item such as research and development of medicaments of material, innovation undertakes the butt joint negotiates, partial project is initial reach cooperative intent.

Since this year, city casts hurried bureau innovation to enrol business form, ask deep plan, seek support extensively, the yield that deepens place of courtyard of our city and famous institution of higher learing, scientific research further learns to grind collaboration, drive a courtyard () achievement of school science and technology changes as accurate as business demand essence butt joint, transition of the company that help strength upgrades, innovation develops. Combinative province hair changes appoint the famous courtyard that waits for sectional organization () school into Heibei activity, this bureau is on the base that collects Shijiazhuang industry technology and cooperative demand extensively, transfer a center with technology of university of Beijing University pharmaceutical college, Tianjin, south open achievement of university science and technology to change center, ZhongGuanCun day to add up to achievement of science and technology to change ferry of stimulative center, Beijing look forward to is produced grind learn development of school and the orgnaization such as alliance to begin cooperative butt joint, promote a batch of projects to reach cooperative intent.

Next, city casts hurried bureau to will continue to organize begin science and technology to achievement is changed and be produced learn to grind collaboration talks about an activity to arrange with,

means, invite famous courtyard () school and our city enterprise undertake ” face-to-face ” and ” screen is right screen ” negotiate communication, stimulative courtyard () school and business essence of life allow a butt joint, strive autograph of more collaboration project is made an appointment with.