The our city lifts study to publicize upsurge of civil code allusion continuously

Report from our correspondent (reporter Dai Lili) on July 29, the civil code that the reporter holds from the our city learns on press conference of allusion study propaganda, from June the bottom begins, our city each district is departmental a quick action, much arrange develops simultaneously, much channel is advanced, all-around enclothe, began series study to publicize activity of civil code allusion, for civil code allusion carries out next dozen of solid bases formally. This centralized study propaganda will last to the end of December.

Whole town each district is departmental the door includes a country content of plan of staff member study and study of academic center group study of civil code allusion, party school of municipal Party committee (administrative institute) it is important to include education to groom its its content. Current, whole town is various Party and goverment officials gives lessons through the expert, law seminar, groom wait for a form, civil code of special subject study is in charge of 926 showing number; Group of instructor of law of general of city, county executes the law for office working personnel, administration personnel begins special subject of civil code allusion to coach lecture 279 showing number.

Our city with law 10 enter (take office, take an unit, take rural community, into the school, into the family, into the enterprise, into the market, into scene area, into the network, march battalion) the activity is carrier, with the form of masses love to see and hear, rich and colorful, drive conduct propaganda of civil code allusion to teach thorough popular feeling. City, county is departmental door paste civil code is in charge of

Wall map 1260 pieces; Personnel of judicatory clerical work and legal servive routine person thorough country (community) extend for masses propagandist foldout more than 100 thousand; This year epidemic situation is prevented accuse a condition to fall, each school adopts the way that network law teachs to publicize civil code to be in charge of, begin net class to teach 8000 much class hour in all, schoolteaching student 279 thousand more than person-time; Be in whole town 22 marriage registry office, the newlywed person that registers for every pairs extends constitution text and conduct propaganda of civil code allusion book wait nearly 1000 times.

In the meantime, TV station of broadcasting station of our city sufficient play, the press, website, small letter is public date, small gain, open the media platform such as big screen action, explain knowledge of allusion of civil code of thing of literary quotation of good civil law, transmission; The legal servive routine such as aid of mediation of appraisal of constituent lawyer, notarial, judicatory, people, law personnel, begin ” with case commentate law ” wait for series activity, service people understands better and master civil code to be in charge of.

It is reported, current market middle school reviews conduct propaganda basically is to be next year to carry out found formally on January 1, the our city will begin the study that civil code is in charge of for a long time to publicize education deep henceforth, guide people to meet civil code allusion, learn civil code to be in charge of, the consciousness with nurturance abide by the law consciousness, convention that seeks a way when anything crops up and the ability that rely on a law to solve a problem.