News network dispatch (reporter Zhang Jie) collaboration of village of name of renown look forward to develops, innovation countryside revitalizes new pattern. On August 8 morning, deciding prefectural tower yuan Zhuang Tongfu countryside revitalizes demonstrative garden to be started formally.

As we have learned, deciding prefectural tower yuan Zhuang Tongfu countryside revitalizes demonstrative project to have the resource such as net of dreamland small town, Hui Cong effective conformity, rely on the resource such as the sale network that matures with blessing group and famous label, bend force makes collect grind learn education, recreational health raise, outdoors extend, central kitchen reveals the just a little that is equal to an organic whole 3 produce confluence to develop high level countryside to promote demonstrative project.

Liu Hui of president of the group that be the same as blessing tells a reporter, collaboration of village of name of this second name look forward to develops, those who point to is a tower yuan Zhuang Yong has good development base, gules IP, area advantage, and have solidarity up, the leading group that has cohesive affinity, fighting capacity, have good market channel, industry and group with blessing group at the same time, both between powerful powerful combination, collaboration is built in all, will aid force countryside to revitalize jointly.

This project is divided period construction. First phase basically includes to exhibit conservatory of house, intelligence and picked garden area integratedly with blessing mode, grind learn to teach entertainment of camping ground, children to wait board piece. 2, 3 period basically include wisdom Kang Yangyuan area, culture performs art garden area, large characteristic civilian constellation board piece. Current, project first phase has been finished. Among them, the mode that be the same as blessing exhibits a house integratedly to be made the same score by grand of Yuan of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences personally inscribe, what exhibit Chen Hexu to draft setting to make false or true be united in wedlock with objective is contemporary develop a form. Intelligent conservatory and picked garden are divisional for contemporary agriculture area, south fruit north is planted area of area, unprocessed food grains, grind learn area and manufacturing division 5 area, it is science and technology of a collect, green, energy-saving the house of intelligent zoology the sources of energy at an organic whole. Children entertainment board piece making mind while culture teachs base, devote oneself to to promote the child to start work practice ability, the program designed more than 100 kinds of bud to bestow favor on, the amuse oneself project of diversity, let the child acquire knowledge in the experience, arouse the body infinite potential.

This, deciding a tower yuan village and Heibei execute confluence of look forward to of renown village name to develop with blessing group, revitalize with countryside for masterstroke, construction collect organizes experience of brigade of loop of construction, zoology, article, green health raise the new era countryside that is equal to an organic whole to revitalize mode, creativity ground is used ” 6 an organic whole ” mode exploration rural area promotes new model, build an industry civilization of wind of room of fitting of flourishing, zoology, countryside, processing the new rural area with effective, rich life, make the surveyor’s pole that countrywide countryside revitalizes and model.

After project building, drive local farmer to add not only close become rich, and the village is collective year income can increase 10 million yuan of above. In the meantime, still post of country of inn of this county Na Bai, will restful wild pagoda tree forest wait for rustic travel tourist attraction to string together a dot to connect a line, drive a tower yuan industry of travel of countryside of periphery of highway of coastal, Heibei grows village and river of Hu a small bay in a river quickly, drive obtain employment, pull move consumption, stimulative countryside is revitalized in the round, drive prefectural region economy to achieve high quality progress.